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Did we mention we have a mobile Mainline ProHub dyno?

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted solution for hobbyists, professional shops and race teams as a preferred dynamometer testing and tuning provider in the automotive repair and performance industry. We offer the expertise, capability and mobility no other vendor can provide today for year-round service, events, dyno days, hourly and daily rentals available.

What We Offer

With years of experience and the most technologically advanced eddy current dyno, we strive to provide the best dyno service for enthusiasts and professionals to obtain the very best results out of their application and parts upgrades. We offer a dyno service that can be setup where your tools, parts, customers and business operations are allowing you to make the most out of your Dynamometer time.


Plex Knock Monitor V2 

The quintessential tool for tuners. It delivers reliable audio and visual knock detection even for the most challenging of projects as it effectively detects knock per cylinder and throughout the RPM range.


HP Tuners

The only tuning and diagnostic solution you’ll ever need for your modern OBD vehicle. Whether your vehicle ranges from stock in search for diagnostics or fuel economy or to the serious performance enthusiast seeking every last ounce of horsepower, we have you covered! The almost endless array of digitally adjustments, seamless live logging, diagnostics and tuning abilities with these powerful tools is why we are the industry standard solution.


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