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GrudgeTech Racing

Dyno & Tuning Specialists



The ONLY mobile dyno in the Denver Metro area

Elite Dyno Service

Using the most technologically advanced Mainline ProHub eddy current dyno, we strive to provide the best dyno service for enthusiasts and professionals to obtain the very best results out of your application and parts upgrades.


Utilize An "Eddy Current Brake" 

The  Mainlline ProHub dynamometer utilizes an "eddy current brake" where as most stationary roller chassis dynamometer units will only measure from inertial tests, ours has the ability to actually resist the vehicle. This allows for recreation of testing scenarios not reproducible on a standard dyno. We can simulate driving up a hill, through rolling hills, towing a trailer etc.

Bolt Directly To The Hub

Our dynamometer will bolt directly to the hub of the wheels of the vehicle. This in turn gives more accurate readings and is also inherently much safer as the vehicle cannot come unattached and fly off or have high speed tire failures as they are removed from the vehicle.

The Service Is Mobile!

The design and size of our testing equipment is tailored to being portable, this allows us to bring the service to where it is needed instead of bringing all of what may be needed to the service. This permits mechanics etc. to conduct tests and then immediately make changes or repairs and test again with their tools in their location their way.

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Baseline Test




Additional Services

Knocks Sensor

Fuel Map

Smoke Test


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